Natasha Willicombe


Natasha is a Managing Director at Secretariat who are headquartered in Atlanta and have offices across Birmingham, Boston, Bristol, Denver, Dubai, Hong Kong, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Mexico, New York, Paris, Philadelphia, Singapore, Toronto and Washington D.C. Secretariat’s professionals specialise in international arbitration, general commercial arbitration & litigation, forensic accounting, economic damages, construction and government contracting. Prior to this Natasha held senior positions within the Clerking teams at both Essex Court Chambers, and Atkin Chambers.


Natasha’s connection to KidsOut is as a result of a 20 plus year friendship with Nick M. Child, one of our lifetime ambassadors. Nick introduced Natasha to the work of the charity and since that day she has worked hard to promote the charity and its vital work. Natasha is married to Laurence and lives in Kent, and they have two children.