Born in East London, John had a wonderful childhood, unlike many of his friends who had very challenging early years. However, when he started secondary school things started to change.

He describes it as genuine hell. “I was bullied every day. Not just for my perceived sexuality, but I guess I was different. I loved dance, fashion and music. They became my escape from a society that judged me for not fitting the mould of a heterosexual, stereotypical teenager”

During these years, John’s mother would take him and his sister to dance classes where he excelled, ending up performing routines at clubs and halls. It was on one of these occasions that his talent was spotted by an agent at The Eastman Marley Organisation and his career as a professional dancer took off.

During one of his performances, he was scouted by one of UK’s leading modelling agencies. Not able to pursue a career in both dance and modelling, he chose the latter, an option that catapulted him into the limelight, working for some of the world’s most recognised luxury brands, including Cartier, Tom Ford and Prada.

Whilst travelling the world as a model, John remained constantly pulled by his love of dance, fashion and music and the escapism that they provided him. Now with an eye for business he began running some of London’s most celebrated clubs in the West End, including the famous Shadow Lounge, finally starting his own, now successful company, Yellowcroft Events.

When Covid hit, the events’ market was notably one of the most affected industries. When a neighbour offered him two spare canvases, he started to paint for the first time in thirty years. Little did he know how passionate he would become about art and the platform it would provide to express himself again.

John is a passionate supporter of the charity ‘KidsOut’. The charity provides help for some of the country’s most disadvantaged children.

He remembers the desperation he felt as a teenager but is himself proof that things change and you should never give up on your dreams.

Now recognised in the world of art, John’s intention is to both help to raise the profile of the charity, as well as creating pieces of work to sell to raise funds to help them.