Simon Linares


“I’m honoured to be a trustee of KidsOut. KidsOut is an amazing charity, working across the UK with children to bring happiness back into their lives, often at the most difficult times, and reminding them that someone does care about each and every one of them.

Simon is a Senior Board and Executive Committee Director and Trustee. He has extensive experience in senior commercial and HR roles across multiple sectors including, Consumer Goods, Telecommunications, Financial Services and a range of Digital businesses and, as a Trustee and Chair of KidsOut, a national charity. He is able to contribute to a board in the areas of managing change, digitalising and data enabling a business, customer and brand competitiveness, defining and causing a desired corporate culture, Remuneration and Nominations Committee Strategy and Governance, senior level succession and broader people capability, engagement and performance agendas. Simon has a strong multicultural background, with fluent Spanish and extensive international experience, enabling deep cultural appreciation and an ability to adapt to different geographies, cultures, and sectors. Simon is also a partner to Dave, parent to Becky, and avid traveller and theatre goer.