VIP Cinema Fun Day to see Lion King in Glasgow

On Wednesday 16th October, KidsOut enabled 74 children from various refuges in Glasgow to enjoy a local Fun Day with an exclusive VIP cinema screening of The Lion King at the Grosvenor Theatre.

KidsOut received some lovely feedback from the children, mothers, and workers who attended, with everyone thoroughly enjoying the VIP experience. A mother told KidsOut that “the children were spellbound. I can’t believe the kindness, we all just loved it.”

One worker explained how KidsOut’s support has a lasting impact on the children,and releases some of the financial pressures faced by mothers. They reported that “The children and young people who work with us experience significant trauma, abuse, social isolation/exclusion and poverty. These activities support our families to experience fun activities and promotes the building of friendships as well as healthy attachment to families. The families wouldn’t be able to afford these experiences otherwise and are eternally grateful.”

One child couldn’t wait to tell the KidsOut team that they found the whole experience “AMAZING! I’ve never been to a place like this before.”

The charity would like to extend their thank you to the KidsOut ambassadors in Glasgow who helped volunteer and make the day one to truly remember.