Toy Box packing a huge success!

In the last few months KidsOut have been concentrating on our Toy Box service, whereby toy-box-story-1the charity send a box of brand new toys to every child that is relocated from refuge, and rehomed in a new area, left to start again. From the charity’s perspective, this has involved auditing, sorting and packing thousands of toys into Toy Boxes, ready to be sent out when a family are relocated. The Marriott Hotel, Network Rail, Fibre Fab, our committee in Birmingham, and local volunteers have all generously donated their time and effort to assist KidsOut in this process, and we would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to every company and individual that has given up their time with this.

All of the volunteers have worked tirelessly to prepare the Toy Box service. Toy Boxes are sent to children that have been displaced as a result of domestic abuse. At a time when nothing feels familiar or stable for the families, they are left alone to start a new life away from the abuser, financial resources are usually extremely low, and must be allocated to survival. Our Toy Boxes all contain an item of comfort (such as a teddy bear), something educational (such as a book, or puzzle exercise), an item to promote family or peer bonding (such as a board game), and other toys that provide additional benefits.  The Toy Boxes not only relieve financial strain from the parent, leaving them able to buy essential items free from guilt, but they provide comfort, and something for children to call their own in a time where everything else seems frightening and unfamiliar.

KidsOut cannot thank these companies and individuals enough for their hard work and support with the Toy Box service.  Their work will help KidsOut to make a big difference to the lives of thousands of children. Please see below some of the incredible feedback we’ve received from our Toy Box service.

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