Summer Fun Days to the Seaside

KidsOut provided the opportunity for 910 children to attend Fun Days to the seaside over the summer holidays! Groups supported by the charity visited seaside destinations all around the UK, including Scarborough, Weston Super Mare, Skegness, and Swanage. For many of these children this was their first opportunity to step foot on a beach.2

The feedback received from the groups was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the lasting impact and positive memories created on the days out. One support worker stressed the importance of these Fun Days to the beach, commenting how “this trip created special memories for the children and was a lovely break for them away from being young carers. The Fun Day provided the space for them able to be children with no worries, even just for a few hours.” Another member of staff added that “this was a fab family day which allowed families to spend quality time together and have fun. Quite often with domestic abuse, the mother/child relationship breaks down as a result of what’s happened and organised days out such as this helps to rebuild those relationships.”

Activities on the Fun Days included building sand castles, playing in the waves, and eating ice cream. A supported worker reported “Running in the sea and jumping in the waves caused so much happiness and laughter, everyone looked happy and relaxed. The finale was to choose their own ice cream, mothers said how grateful they were to not have to worry about how much they would cost, especially those with three children in their family! The impact could be seen in the tired but happy faces as we headed home in our mini bus. Thanks so much for helping us support our families”.

The children were also keen to tell the KidsOut team how much fun they had. One recalled “Them waves were enormous!” while another said “I like this beach house, can we sleep in it please!?” One child summed up the feelings of most in attendance,  saying “I love going to the seaside!” Some children even drew lovely pictures to show how much they loved their day out:


A quote from a refuge worker summarised how enjoyable the Seaside Fun Days were: “The children didn’t want to leave the bus at the end of the day, they had the best day, it was so nice to see them happy!”

The Summer Fun Days to the Seaside project was extremely successful, and KidsOut look forward to running similar trips again in the future. Alongside the hard work of refuge workers and other organisations, the charity helped bring Fun and Happiness into the lives of disadvantaged children.