Summer Cinema Fun Days

Over the months of July, August, and September, KidsOut were offering free tickets forSummer 1 children and their families to watch a movie at a local ODEON cinema. A total of 2,004 tickets were distributed to disadvantaged families from refuges and groups across the UK, allowing children to see any film of their choice.

The cinema experience is a popular activity of choice for KidsOut’s partner groups, as it provides an easy to organise Fun Day out for families who wouldn’t otherwise have this opportunity open to them. Fun Days to the cinema offer families valuable bonding time, allowing them to forget their worries and enjoy a nice time out creating happy memories together. Having something positive to look back on is essential in fostering the necessary mental strength and resilience children need to succeed later in life as well adjusted citizens.

Once again, the KidsOut team were overwhelmed with the feedback received from the cinema Fun Days. One child called the whole experience “amazing!”, while another enjoyed themselves so much they asked “when can we go and see another film!?”. A support worker enthusiastically relayed how  “the spacious luxurious recliner seats were a big hit with everyone! Going with friends and familiar faces made the experience more enjoyable.”

Going to watch a movie in the cinema is an experience many take for granted. However, for the majority of the children KidsOut supports, such trips are of vital importance. Feedback from a support worker highlighted the impact of these Fun Days for disadvantaged groups, noting that “For our young carers it is very difficult and a rare opportunity to go to the cinema due to their caring role. Some have parents with mobility issues and physical difficulties. Some have siblings with severe autism who can’t cope with the cinema. It’s lovely for them to have the opportunity to go to the cinema with their friends without worrying about leaving early because their brother isn’t coping or their mother is in pain. They can enjoy seeing a new film on the big screen and eating popcorn!”

The KidsOut team hopes that all those who have received tickets had a great time! The charity also wishes to extend its thanks to ODEON cinemas for providing the tickets. KidsOut  look forward to bringing more Fun and Happiness into disadvantaged children’s lives through more trips to the cinema very soon!

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