Summer Bowling Fun Days!

Over May and June this year KidsOut has sent 251 children and 135 adults on a Fun Day 2out to their local Ten Pin bowling alley. Trips to Ten Pin prove very popular amongst our groups, often being the first chance to take part in a fun and competitive game of bowling for many of the children.

TenPin are a company KidsOut work closely with to provide Fun Days and have proven to be inclusive and incredibly understanding to the needs of disabled young people. Recent bowling Fun Days have included locations across the UK such as Birmingham, Nottingham Stafford, Croydon, Cardiff and more!

The response to these trips has been phenomenal, with one support worker telling us how “All the children had great fun. For some of our children it was their first visit to the bowling alley and they learnt new skills. It was a great time for bonding and socialising. This experience is one that the children will talk about to their mothers and their friends at school, and will be something they remember and cherish”.

Another group commented how essential these Fun Days were for the wellbeing of their children. They told us that “with children that have a disability there is a struggle to obtain the provision needed for schooling support and it is very difficult for the children in school too.  Every day results in a lot of stress and meltdowns and it is difficult for the whole family to cope.  We went straight after school at 5pm and it was a wonderful way to relax and forget the stresses of the school day.”

Some children told us that “It was so much fun!  I was a bowling superstar! Can we go back, it was the best day of my life!”

Another told us how they had “never been bowling before and I want to go again. I loved it! I was really good at it! Can we go again soon?”


It is clear that all those who attended had a great time. Thank you once again to Ten Pin! We look forward to working with you to provide more bowling Fun Days in the future!