Phyzzpod at Rushy Meadow Primary School

jOWDSXcVPhyzzpod was installed at Rushy Meadow Primary School based in Carshalton -a two form entry Primary School with a nursery and a hearing impaired opportunity base.

KidsOut have received fantastic comments from the children and staff members of Rushy Meadow, using the Phyzzpod system in a number of ways – ranging from story time to offering support for hearing impaired children with speech and language. It seems that their favourite use for Phyzzpod is the ‘magic cube’, offering children a ‘safe space’ to calm down, pin down any problems and solve this with an appropriate solution. At Rushy Meadow, the staff members use the ‘Red Brain, Blue Brain’ system, in order to understand the children’s emotions.

The Red Brain is often associated with uncomfortable feelings such as anger and sadness – these emotions are normally expressed in an inappropriate manner. Through learning a variety of ‘calming down’ skills, the children can then help themselves to return to the Blue Brain state – which involves happy and relaxed feelings.

A staff member from the school has said, “We at Rushy Meadow have found the Phyzzpod to be a magical space where they can unpack their emotions in a safe way. The pod encourages the children to use all their senses from sight to touch.”

A few quotes from the children include, “”The magic box calms me down, it’s fun to be in. I like playing with the stringy lights best.”, “I like going into the pod, I pretend the strings lights are squid crawling over me.” and “I feel relaxed when I go into the Phyzzpod. When I’m angry it calms me down because there is lots of music.” 

Phyzzpod has definitely had a superb and positive impact on Rushy Meadow Primary School. KidsOut are pleased to hear this!