Oak Bank School – Toys Out feedback

Oak Bank School caters for young people with complex social, emotional and mental needs (SEMH). In the past we have run badminton sessions for some of their students to boost their confidence and just have fun!

During our “Toys Out” scheme, Ms Foster from Oak Bank school collected lots of toys including lego, trucks, furniture, castles, puppets, play mats, science kits, sports equipment and more! It did not take long for the donations to be put to great use.oak-bank-1

The home for many of the toys is the Wellbeing area for Key Stage 2. This space is used as a playroom for learning and development. We observed that the Lego and puzzles encouraged the students to learn values such as sharing and asking for help. The time in the room also allows the students to reside in a quiet, peaceful area to calm down and speak to the Wellbeing staff about any struggles. The toys also expand into the KS2 classroom. We saw that the Year 6’s love the diabolos learning how to play the board games. With so many activities, there is never a dull moment during class.

Additional departments within the school also take advantage of KidsOut’s donations. The science teachers demonstrate the science kits to students in the classes. The PE department have received scooters and footballs to get creative with their physical learning. Overall, the students feel that they can come to school to have fun and learn something new and interesting every day!

Here is what the students told KidsOut about the Well-being room:

oak-bank-2“I like telling stories with the puppets.”

“I enjoy reading the instruction to make a train.”

“I have learned how to self-regulate by using the worry box. I can talk to a grown-up about my struggles and ask for help.”

“I can draw and colour pictures.”

“It’s amazeballs!”oak-bank-3

“This room would not have developed if it wasn’t for KidsOut donating these toys”. – Ms Foster.

KidsOut would like to thank everyone who has donated lovely toys to KidsOut throughout the year. You have given Oak Bank School the opportunity to develop these vulnerable students’ learning through play.