Monkeying around at Monkey Bizzness Gosport!

Monkey Bizzness seems to be a popular activity for children across the UK – On the 31st of August, over 40 children and their mothers went to the Monkey Bizzness branch in Gosport and had a brilliant time.

Children ran around the place with joy and smiles on their face at the fun indoor play centre. Interestingly, it was not only the children who were filled with happiness and making new friends, but the mothers too. One child has said, “I had great fun at Monkey Bizzness. I felt it helped me and my sister bond. I made more friends which was good as l have had to leave my friends. My mum has made another friend which has made my mum very happy. Another has also said, “can we go again tomorrow?”.

The event was an overall success and joy for everyone – a quote from a mother who attended shows this clearly: “It was awesome! The children loved playing and it was nice for us adults to be able to sit, relax and watch the children have fun. I made some new friends with the ladies from the other refuges which was lovely. The event helped me and my children create some happy memories”.

A few other comments were, “This is a huge part of building happy memories at the beginning of their news lives free from abuse” and ” We got to make some new friends who too had lived with abuse”.

The children also really enjoyed the food prepared by Monkey Bizzness, with one child saying, “I really liked the food and they even let us bring some food back to the refuge for the other families which was really nice.”

KidsOut are absolutely delighted that the families had a wonderful time at Monkey Bizzness.

One child has kindly sent KidsOut a special thank you card for their day out!