MK Dons – Another Fantastic Football Day

On the 11th of March, MK Dons and Rochdale AFC met in the middle with a fantastic overall score of 2-2. The football match, held at MK Dons Stadium, was very entertaining, with a total of 36 children and 20 adults attending the fun filled day.

mk-dons-match-11th-marchThe day was perfect for children and their families, with not only the football match to see, but also a range of stalls with exciting games and prizes at the pre-game Family Fun Day. Everyone had a brilliant time – feedback from parents included: “We were really grateful for the tickets you have given us, it allowed us to take some of the children we support through our therapeutic football programmes and we could see that they had a really incredible time! We rarely have great opportunities such as this.”

The children were also enthusiastic about the game, one boy has said: “I loved today! I might start supporting MK Dons after this game.” This just shows that fun day opportunities like this create a positive impact on the children and young people.

KidsOut also held a stall at the Family Fun Day, with our usual children’s activities including Hook-a-Duck. We raised a fantastic £360 at the stall, which will enable more children to experience football matches and other Fun Days in the future.

We look forward to more football matches and Family Fun Days at MK Dons stadium!