KidsOut Trips to the Tate Modern!

Pierre BonnardKidsOut were thrilled to have offered the opportunity for 100 children and adults to attend an exclusive exhibition at the Tate Modern in London over February to May 2019.

The C C Land Exhibition: Pierre Bonnard – The Colour of Memory is the first major exhibition of Pierre Bonnard’s work in the UK since the much-loved show at Tate twenty years ago. It allows new generations to discover Bonnard’s unconventional use of colour, while surprising those who think they already know him.

The children KidsOut helped to attend all had a fantastic time, with the parents and carers being keen to express how beneficial the trip was to the children’s wellbeing and development:

“The children got to learn about a famous French Painter called Pierre Bonnard, and also how people can express their thoughts and emotions in different ways.”

“My 14 year old daughter was amazed how the painter was able to come up with different colour shades in 1900!”

“The whole experience was enjoyable for them as this was their first visit to an exhibition.”

“Trips like these are great as it encourages travel to busy places and having a taster of visiting crowded places.”

A big thank you to the Tate and also to the ticket donors for giving our families a wonderful day out at such a unique exhibition!