KidsOut Provides 2,000 Festive Trips to the Cinema!

Over the course of the 2019 festive period, KidsOut offered free ODEON cinema vouchers to children and their families to see a film of their choice.

A total of 2,000 tickets were allocated to refuges and other groups throughout the UK. Some of the groups who received tickets have provided KidsOut with some great feedback. One mother who attended an autistic-friendly cinema screening with her son told the team that “these vouchers are a god send as the cinema here is very expense and if they only are able to tolerate about hour an hour it’s a lot of money wasted. I myself feel that I can relax and let my son roam about and move seats without others commenting and telling him to sit down”.

A support worker explained how Fun Days to the cinema provide something for the children to look forward that helps to distract from their negative experiences. “Some of the children wanted to prepare for the movie, so they watched Frozen 1 the day before the cinema to refresh it and also made Frozen Cupcakes”.

The KidsOut team hope that everybody who received cinema tickets had a great time and look forward to more cinema trips in 2020!