KidsOut and Grove Theatre host Christmas Party for 82 Children in Dunstable!

The annual KidsOut Christmas Party at Dunstable’s Grove Theatre was held on Thursday 12th December 2019. The festive and fun-filled event welcomed 82 children from local refuges and partner charities and was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

One member of the KidsOut team who attended the party reported that “it was lovely to see the children smiling and dancing with their friends. It genuinely appeared that the children were able to forget about their negative experiences, even just for two hours”.

Following an evening of party food, games, and entertainment, Santa presented each child with a Christmas gift from the KidsOut Giving Tree. For many of these children, the Grove Party was the first party that they had ever attended.

The children were also delighted to see festive balloons filling the room, and to leave the party with a bag of sweets provided by Creative Decorations to finish off the evening of festivities!

KidsOut would like to thank the Grove Theatre for their support in bringing Fun and Happiness to disadvantaged children during the festive period.