KidsOut Fun Day to Glasgow Science Centre

On Friday 18th October, KidsOut enabled 13 children to enjoy an educational Fun Day out to the Glasgow Science Centre.

The children were able to experience the “Wacky Salon”, where visual illusions, physical challenges, and mind-bending puzzles were thoroughly enjoyed by the children, as well as the space zone where they were able to walk through the solar system.

KidsOut received some wonderful feedback from those who attended. One support worker told the team that “Going on this trip has had a huge impact on the children. Often they feel alone and that no one understands what they have been through. Attending these activities allows them to see that they are not alone and allows them to share their experiences with others if they wish. Due to their circumstances, these families are also unable to financially provide experiences like these for the children. This has taken some of the financial pressure of the school holidays from the mums and has allowed them a chance to have fun and create happy memories during a difficult time in their lives.”

A child could not wait to tell KidsOut that “the tilty room was so much fun. We kept going back into it!”

Another explained how the experience enabled them to have their first experience on public transport, which is often daunting for the children that KidsOut support, reporting that “I have never been on the train before, it was really exciting.”

The feedback that KidsOut received from mothers demonstrates the importance of such trips for building family relationships and reducing pressure placed upon them. “The kids have been looking forward to this all week,” a mother explained. “Thank you so much, this has been a great end to the holidays!”

KidsOut would like to thank the Glasgow Science centre for their support in helping to provide the opportunity for the children KidsOut supports to enjoys some fun and happiness in their lives.