Here comes the Phyzzpod

Today we installed the first prototype Phyzzpod at Whitley Park Primary and Nursery School in Reading. Head Anne Tanner has agreed to host this new development and provide feedback on the benefits to children within the school.

There was a false start to the building of this unit when we made a mistake with the ceiling heights and ended up making the structure too high. The initial installation date was before Christmas, but we had to take parts of the structure away for some alterations using a large saw. You can see in the pictures that the altered structure fits nicely into the room.

The main unit is built onto a metal and wooden base, providing a very solid foundation for the Phyzzpod. All the parts bolt together like a large meccano set – it’s just a matter of getting the parts in the correct order.

The large wheeled flight case contains all the lighting, sound equipment, wires and other effects that go into the unit. Once emptied it provides a small desk for the control rack. As you can see, all these parts have been custom made in KidsOut colours.

The control system for the Phyzzpod allows the unit to be themed with different lighting and sound effects. For this prototype system we have created three basic themes – underwater, jungle and space. Additional props and decorations can be added inside the pod to help create a truly immersive environment.

We are really pleased that Whitley Park Infant and Nursery School is undertaking the testing of the new project and that we have such a relationship of trust that the school is comfortable with us piloting a new project with the children.