Hasbro help pack 1,800 toy boxes!

In May 2021, the team at Hasbro UK did another Toy Box packing day for KidsOut.


Packing a staggering 1,800 toy boxes over three weeks, each toy box will contain 7-9 brand new toys all age appropriate to spread fun and happiness to children living in refuge. They will also contain at least two of the top five requested toys for each age group as well as a cuddly toy to call their own. Our Toy Boxes help with family bonding, social and educational development while reducing levels of stress and anxiety.


Sarah Smith, Value Added Services Manager at Hasbro UK, said ‘We are so glad we were able to partner with Kids Out again, especially after a particularly difficult year.  We sincerely hope the toy boxes bring a smile to the faces of the many children Kids Out support!’.

Due to lockdown restrictions and a significant increase in serious domestic violence, particularly affecting children that have escaped to the sanctuary of a refuge, our toy box has never been needed more and the positive feedback never better. The Toy Box requirement went from 4,000 a year pre-Covid to over 20,000. We would not have been able to meet this need without the support of Hasbro and their staff who not only donated tens of thousands of toys but also made up the toy boxes. These toy boxes were in addition to the phenomenal support Hasbro have provided to KidsOut for many years.


KidsOut is extremely grateful to Hasbro UK and their staff and look forward to continuing the close relationship.


If you’d like to get involved with company CSR Toy Box packing days, please email [email protected]


‘The family was thrilled with the alphabet jigsaw as their English is not too good and it enables not just the children but mum to learn the letters of the alphabet and words that come with the game. The red cuddly toy is carried everywhere and had a bath this morning!’ – Refuge Worker


‘I like the games to keep my daughter busy during lockdown, it encourages her to come off electronics and spend time with family’ – Mum



‘A fantastic variety of excellent quality toys that I may not have been in a position to finance or even thought of; creative and generous. The girls and I have been blown away by the generosity of organisation like yourself’ – Mum