Food, Glorious Food!

Before Christmas KidsOut trialled a cooking workshop Fun Day in the Bedfordshire area.  This was a hugely successful, very well received Fun Day, so it was recently back by popular demand!food-3

Last month, we sent children to a Smart Raspberry Cookery workshop in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. The session ran for 2 hours at a local school who generously donated their facilities.

Children were treated to expert instruction, and were able to take away their own iced cupcakes and pizza hearts that they’d made during the workshop.

All of the children had a great time, one mother told KidsOut: “The children gained a lot of confidence in their ability to create something, in this case food for themselves and family. This helps with self-esteem and showing care, sharing and love for others by preparing the food, taking turns and giving the items to their families. The children would definitely like to do it again. As a parent, it was lovely to see them all working together, sharing and helping one another. They had a chance to connect with each other. Thank you for the fantastic opportunity”

One of the children on the workshop said: “Thank you very much for teaching me how to make lovely pizza and cupcakes. I especially liked decorating the cupcakes – that was awesome!”

food-1 food