Exciting Changes for the KidsOut Toy Box service

KidsOut’s extraordinary Toy Box service has been through some major change recently. The service has expanded across London and will soon extend throughout the remaining parts of the country. Our distributors DHL have handed over to Fedex and, based on this new partnership, the largest toy box pack ever has taken place. These changes have increased the number of Women’s Aid Refuges using the service to 258 and further increased the total number of Toy Boxes sent to 2560!

In partnership with the Women’s Aid Federations throughout the UK, the KidsOut Toy Boxes are ordered directly through a secure online area of the Toy Box section of the KidsOut website. Refuges simply state how many boxes are required, provide the delivery address and the box is dispatched, ready for the child when they’re settled in their new home.

From October 2009 to December 2011, DHL has been the distributor for the Toy Boxes, but this changed in January 2012 when FedEx took over as our partners.

A large team gathered at FedEx’s UK Headquarters at Stansted Airport on a cold Saturday in mid-December to pack tens of thousands of toys. KidsOut staff, volunteers and FedEx employees all gave up their spare time to help with this important task. By the end of day, over 1,200 toy boxes were ready for dispatch anywhere over the UK.

Each toy box contains a range of brand new, age and gender specific toys, which are quite often the only items a child has when they are re-housed from the refuge.

KidsOut sends a huge thanks to DHL for their generous support for the last 2 years. Without their dedication and hard work, many thousands of disadvantaged children would not have experienced the surprise and joy of opening their KidsOut Toy Box.

Please visit the Toy Box section of the KidsOut website for more information or email us at Toyboxes@kidsout.org.uk