Even more Fun Days to see The Lion King!

On Friday 6th March, KidsOut were delighted to be able to offer 140 children the opportunity to attend Disney’s The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre, London!

KidsOut received some lovely feedback from attendees that  highlighted how Fun Days help to improve disadvantaged children’s confidence, motivation, resilience, and social skills.

One support worker told the team that “the children come to our refuge feeling hopeless, these activities bring back their hope.”

Another support worker provided some heart-warming words, demonstrating the importance of such opportunities: “the whole experience of coming into a big famous theatre in London was incredible for the whole family. They were all extremely happy. Mum said several times how much she was thankful for this and how she had dreamt about being able to do this for her children. In her words it was a night ‘full of experience, culture and knowledge, mainly because it’s not only the show but the opportunity itself.’ The boys were resistant about coming out at first, but they all enjoyed it and looked thrilled during the play.”

The KidsOut team hope everyone had a great time! If you would like to help enable more disadvantaged children to enjoy some fun and happiness in their lives, please visit KidsOut’s Charity Checkout page and make a donation today!