KidsOut’s 2018 Festive Fun Day at Drayton Manor!

1Tuesday 4th December saw 2,000 children attend Drayton Manor Theme Park for its fourth Festive Fun Day. KidsOut, Drayton Manor, and Rotary International invited along children from refuges, special schools and other partner charities in the surrounding area to experience a fun-filled day of Christmas magic.

Not only did the children meet Father Christmas in his sleigh and receive a gift, they had access to over twenty-five rides and attractions, spectacular decorations, festive music, and snow showers!

We received some really humbling feedback after the event. One local refuge worker was so happy the children “were able to spend one on one time with their mums and also other children. They are able to create memories after experiencing a traumatic and chaotic home life”. The children we spoke to all said they had a great time, with one keen to tell us that “I went on the big green ride on my own and I wasn’t scared!”

A worker at the Square Peg Foundation was especially thankful for the day out, noting that “These give families memories that they may never have been able to experience otherwise. Children get to be children for the day and have quality time with care givers and siblings”.3

We spoke to one family affected by the rare disease of Niemann-Pick Type C (a form of dementia). Two-year-old Harvey who attended the Festive Fun Day suffers with this disease, but has inspired his family to raise funds for the Niemann – Pick UK Charity through ‘Harvey and the Brave Little Soldiers’ campaign. They said “It was such a lovely day for the kids and we saw lots of smiles all around us – it really was beautiful. Harvey had a lovely day – happier than he has been in a while”.

KidsOut are extremely grateful to Drayton Manor for the spectacular event and also the support of Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the future!

Here are some further pieces of heart-warming feedback we received:


“I just wanted to say thanks so much for a lovely day at Drayton Manor. Our eldest son has severe learning disabilities, autism, and is none verbal so he is very unpredictable. We rarely have days out with him as it’s usually so stressful but we were given tickets by the Square Peg Foundation and although we couldn’t tempt him on any rides he had the best day taking it all in and especially the snow! We were over the moon we got to spend a nice day together so thanks so much!”

“Our little girl has had a wonderful day at Drayton Manor. She said it’s been the best day ever. Thank you so much!”

“A massive big humongous thank you for our Drayton Manor Christmas experience today, our little boy and his school friends had lots of fun. Well done guys!”

“Autis Birmingham thank you all so much, all our families had an amazing day! We all thank you for allocating Autis Birmingham the tickets.”

“Thank you everyone, my little ones had a fantastic time!”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful day, my boy absolutely loved it!”