The Circus was Back in Town!

Through KidsOut, twenty-six children and fourteen adults had the opportunity to attend a real-life circus in Leeds and Manchester this September!

Circus Starr is a world-class non-profit circus act that offers tickets to disadvantaged children while at the same time helping to raise money for local charities and businesses. Known as the ‘circus with a purpose’ they host seventy-five venue tours three times a year.

One family in attendance praised the event, saying “The children loved it, never been to the circus before, and one of the children had her face painted!”

Another said that she and her daughter really enjoyed the experience especially the performances, acrobats, and clowns. The mother added that she would recommend this to other mothers.

We hope all those who went along to see this visual spectacle had a brilliant time!

More trips to the circus in Wolverhampton, Milton Keynes, and Hertfordshire are being planned and we’ll be sure to update the website and social media with reactions from those in attendance.

KidsOut has a wonderful relationship with Circus Starr that we are sure will continue for a long time. We want to thank them again for all they have done for us.

circus 1