Bowling Extravaganza!

Over the last couple of months KidsOut have send over 280 children on Fun Days to their local TenPin bowling alley to enjoy a game of bowling! For many, this was their first trip to a bowling alley for various reasons such as cost, or lack of accessibility. Fun Days are very important to vulnerable or disabled children, particularly physical activities such as bowling.  They provide an opportunity for isolated disabled young people to come together for a leisure activity not normally available to them, provide support for parents and carers and build confidence in a busy environment.bowling-april-1

TenPin are a company KidsOut work closely with to provide Fun Days, and have proven to be inclusive and incredibly understanding to the needs of disabled young people. Recent bowling Fun Days have included locations across the UK such as Glasgow, Cambrdge, Brimingham, Cardiff, Nottingham and more!

The parent of one of the children that attended the Fun Day told KidsOut:

“I attended bowling with my 6 children. It was an opportunity to spend family time with my children who were so excited to do something in the holidays. They love being active so bowling suites us. We laughed and joked from start to finish – it is great to have an opportunity to do something we would not usually be able to do and see my children have fun and a little competition with each other and myself.”

One of the support workers provided some fantastic feedback too:

bowling-april-2“Most of the children that attended had never been bowling before so this had given them an exciting and new experience. This also allowed us to get the children together and allow them time to play and interact with their peers. We noticed how some children’s confidence increased as time went on and they began to help each other and cheer one another on. It was great to see the children form new relationships in this instance. Following the session we asked the children to do a feelings check and they all communicated that they felt “happy” and how they had “fun” at the bowling. Some of the children were excited about going home to share their experience with their mum’s. I noticed one boy in particular who can be quiet and reserved in company was confident and engaging with workers and his peers. This for workers is delightful to see. THANK YOU for allowing us to be part of this.”