PwC invite 182 children to join Alice in Wonderland

From 17th – 22nd January 2022, KidsOut were delighted to be able to offer 182 children in refuge in London; and then once again in Manchester from 11th – 12th February to attend PwC’s magical Alice in Wonderland! This magical tale against time involves a white rabbit running late, a Mad Hatter’s party, a Cheshire cat and the Queen of Hearts.

PwC is a wonderful organisation that KidsOut are proud to partner with as their ethos closely aligns with our own: bringing joy to children. They do so by giving children a chance to see theatrical productions at a professional theatre, aspiring to spark a life-long love of the performing arts – a passion they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to develop. We cannot thank PwC enough for the amazing work they do for so many children in inner-city schools as well as charities like our own – their work has provided so many with happy and positive experiences to look back on.

KidsOut would like to share some feedback from the attendees:

‘We all loved the pantomime. I was a bit worried as performance time its 2 hours and for a child to sit in one place for such a long time can be challenging.  But, Eden enjoyed it. Especially the part with interaction with the audience. As soon as show was over, Eden asked to go again’ – Refuge mum

‘It was absolutely wonderful! We all had a blast! L wanted to thank you when he sees you.’ – Refuge mum