The Donkey and the Qazi of Jaunpur

Welcome to this week’s World Stories Wednesday! Every week, KidsOut showcases one of the amazing tales from our World Stories database, giving you a flavour of the breadth and diversity of our collection.

This week’s story is the The Donkey and the Qazi of Jaunpur.

qazi 1

A deceitful teacher lies and promises a man named Aban he can change his donkey into a son to help with work. After swindling Aban out of his life savings, the teacher’s plan soon starts to go awry…

The Donkey and the Qazi of Jaunpur is aimed at children aged eight to thirteen and is available in English and Gujarati. This tale packed full of twists is perfect for readers just starting to understand English.

You can see an exclusive preview of the first pages below:

qazi 2

qazi 3

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