World Stories Recording

KidsOut were at the University of Essex last week filming student volunteers’ audio recording stories in multiple languages such as: Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, French and Italian for our World Stories project. Keep your eyes peeled for the video which will showcase our wonderful relationship and support from the language and linguistics department and not forgetting the media centre staff that were lovely to work with. We would like to thank the volunteers that kindly helped us and also to Ignazia Posadinu that started the relationship between the charity and the university.  If you would like to get involved you can let us know by getting in contact with or call at 01525385252. If you would like to see our story collection, you can visit our new website by going to . The Feedback from the volunteers for this occasion has been fantastic:

“I really enjoyed the recording process. Thank you so much for organising the event. If possible, I would like to participate again next semester. I want to share this with my parents that live back in China.”

world stories recording 1 world stories recording 2