The World Stories Project

World Stories is a growing collection of traditional and new stories representing the 21 most commonly spoken languages by children across the UK.  These stories can be read, listened to and downloaded in English and their original language. Thanks to the wonderful support of writers, storytellers, translators, broadcasters and actors we are adding new stories, recordings and translations to the collection every week. SFS


Our commitment is to support language skills and encourage cultural awareness whilst also aiming to inspire children to both discuss their responses and get creative. In fact, we have created a story map to support your children’s’ learning and a dedicated 'Your World' area to showcase and celebrate their writing and art work.


This website is designed for easy use in the classroom, both in whole class settings and to support guided reading. Our Teachers Area is packed with individual story guides, lesson plans, resources and a search index for EAL, primary and secondary teachers. Register here to access this free support.


As parents you are your child's most influential teacher. You have an important part to play in developing your child's language and reading skills and we want to support you in that. Register to find out more.

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