Who are KidsOut?

KidsOut is delighted to announce our 25th Anniversary of bringing fun and happiness into the lives of disadvantaged children.

The first Rotary KidsOut Day Out took place 25 years ago on 13th June 1990 on a much smaller scale compared with today. The first day out in 1990 was organised by Kingston Rotary Club and Littlewoods organisation as a trial day out. The event proved to be very successful and the rollout soon began across the UK. Nowadays, KidsOut in partnership with Rotary takes up to 25,000 disadvantaged children on a Day Out to attractions across the UK and this year will mark the 25th out of our long and proud history. 

Just imagine you are a child who has...

NEVER received a gift

NEVER had a brand new toy

NEVER walked on a beach

NEVER been to a theme park

But you have...

LIVED every day in fear of abuse

...and cried yourself to sleep each night                                                                  

On average each year over 20,000 children flee domestic violence and seek sanctuary in a Women’s Aid Refuge. KidsOut provides new toys and a fun day out for the children, most of whom arrive at the Refuge with nothing other than the clothes on their back.

Every year, over 8,000 of these children will eventually be relocated to a new home in an unfamiliar area and KidsOut provides them with a box of brand new toys to help bring stability and fun into their lives when they need it most. 



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