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Throughout history, before pens, computers, books and libraries, people have told each other stories. At KidsOut we understand that stories are really important and can help us understand each other, learn about other cultures, and help us celebrate our own. But most of all they are fun!

World Stories is a growing collection of traditional and original stories from around the world representing the 21 most commonly spoken languages by children in the UK. Currently one in seven UK children speaks a language other than English as their first language, often struggling to learn in an unfamiliar language and environment. World Stories is an online resource that helps children improve their literacy and keep up in the classroom. With more than 100 stories in written and audio format, World Stories opens the world to children.

Thanks to the wonderful support of writers, storytellers, translators, broadcasters and actors, these stories can be read, listened to and downloaded in English and their original language. We are continually working to add new stories, recordings and translations. If you would like to help with this process let us know on 01525 385 252 or email


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Display children's work

The Your World area of the World Stories website is an ideal platform to display your children’s’ work, poems and art in order to celebrate their learning and achievements.


Every child who has work displayed is entitled to a World Stories Certificate. Please download a World Stories certificate to present to your child on our behalf.

If you present these certificates in assembly please let us know.

School Page

You can set up your own World Stories School Page, displaying your logo and a gallery of work submitted by your school. Send us your childrens’ pictures or stories and your school logo and we’ll do the rest.

Why not link to this page from your school website, so parents and pupils can readily see their achievements and contributions?

Submitting Work

Children will need you to email work to us on their behalf. You can send us individual pieces of work or a whole class project, it’s up to you. Please include names, ages and school names where you can and we would be delighted to display these too.


In your email, please specficy the following details:

  • School Name
  • Year Group
  • Number of pieces of work
  • Any additional information / comments
  • Attach a school logo (optional)

If sending in work for more than one child, please make sure that the files attached are clearly named so we know which piece of work belongs to which child.


In your email, please specficy the following details:

  • Child’s name
  • Age
  • Any additional information / comments

By post

Alternatively, you can send contributions in to us by mail at:

World Stories KidsOut, 14 Church Square, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, LU7 1AE

About the contributors

World Stories would not exist without the help of a huge number of people. Many volunteers have sent in stories, helped us edit and translate them, recorded them for us in both English and their original language and illustrated them for us.  We are now getting stories sent in to us from all over the world. If you or any of your students would like to contribute stories or illustrations, we have a writer’s guide, a young writer’s guide and an illustrator’s guide to help you.  You can email us any stories or pictures and we will be happy to help with the editing.

You can find out about the contributors who have helped on each story by clicking on the red button under the picture.

We have also had some great support from teachers and storytellers who have helped us with the teaching materials and storytelling guides. Email us if you would like to contribute a lesson plan that you have put together for any of the stories to share with other teachers, that would be great as we are really keen to make the teacher’s area as useful as possible for you all!

  • 'I think it's very likely that World Stories will be used by teachers of English all over the world as well as in the UK.'
  • 'This is an exciting project to be involved in. I have visited your website; great vision, great people. Well done!'
  • 'I hope that parents from BME groups will enjoy the educational materials with their children at home outside school too.'
  • 'What you're developing is fantastic and very much needed.'

News & Views

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World Stories Recording

KidsOut were at the University of Essex last week filming student volunteers’ audio recording stories in multiple languages such as: Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, French and Italian for our World Stories project. Keep your eyes peeled for the video which will showcase our wonderful relationship and support from the language and linguistics department and not forgetting the … Continue reading World Stories Recording


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