Fun Days

Launched in 2012, Fun Days takes disadvantaged children across the UK on a fun day out and helps them remember what it is like to just be children. Whether a trip to the theatre or a day at a theme park, Fun Days gives them something to look forward to and happy memories they can look back on.

Since the start of the project, tens of thousands of children have gone on a Fun Day. While KidsOut supports children from a range of backgrounds, including those living with critical health issues, in economic hardship or with a disability, some of our most vulnerable beneficiaries are children that have fled domestic abuse for the safety of a refuge. Having experienced domestic violence either directly or witnessed it repeatedly at home, these children live with many emotional and economic challenges. KidsOut is the only national children’s charity focusing directly on their needs and working to bring fun and happiness back into their lives.




Through the ongoing support of our many charity and corporate partners, KidsOut provided close to 50,000 Fun Days out last year and is set to help even more. These days can range from a Christmas party to a trip to the circus, but they all help children build self-confidence, improve socialisation, bond with their family and just have fun.


Do you work with disadvantaged children or do you know a group who might benefit from this service? To hear more about events in your area email us directly at


We receive feedback constantly from parents and refuge workers about the benefit of these days out and how it impacts the children. Read our case studies and Latest News to learn why we are so committed to making kids happy! *Note: Names and pictures are changed to protect identities.

  • 'He was so proud of himself; he couldn’t stop talking about the
    experience. He felt he had achieved something really special.'
    Aasi*, whose son went Go Karting
  • 'Lots of conversations throughout the day highlighted how out of reach a trip like this is to most of the families, and charities like yours are an absolute lifeline.'
    Bryony*, a refuge worker who attended a Fun Day with families
  • 'It was nice being able to bond and feel completely relaxed and reminded me we are on our way to creating new, happy memories together without feeling permanently on edge or having to worry about anything other than just having fun together.'
    Alma*, who attended a Fun Day with her children
  • 'They were transfixed – clapping, laughing, dancing. I often talk with my four-year-old about this trip – he likes to remember it just before bedtime.'
    Viktoria*, who attended a theatre show with her son

News & Views

The Circus was Back in Town!

Through KidsOut, twenty-six children and fourteen adults had the opportunity to attend a real-life circus in Leeds and Manchester this September! Circus Starr is a world-class non-profit circus act that offers tickets to disadvantaged children while at the same time helping to raise money for local charities and businesses. Known as the ‘circus with a … Continue reading The Circus was Back in Town!


Super Summer Camps!

The children got sporty this summer at Super Camps, a company devoted to providing high quality, child-orientated camps, and courses which offer an abundance of activities from go-karting, to LEGO® workshops, arts, crafts, and sports. Through KidsOut,  a total of 119 sessions were attended by children aged 4-12 at fourteen locations across London. The feedback we received was phenomenal,  as shown … Continue reading Super Summer Camps!


KidsOut Goes on a Bear Hunt!

Throughout the months of July and September, KidsOut collaborated with refuges around the UK to send 120 children and eighty-one adults to see We’re Going on a Bear Hunt at The Lyric Theatre in London. One refuge worker told us: “These activities are beneficial for the children to spend time in the community and with their families. … Continue reading KidsOut Goes on a Bear Hunt!


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