Weekly Children’s Services Update!

This week we’ve had lots of feedback from some of our Fun Days and from our Toy Box service! Read on to see some of the fantastic stories!

Fun Days!


Kids Strike Lucky at Bowling Fun Day!

16th-sept-1During the months July – September, 562 children visited their local Ten Pin Bowling throughout the UK.  We have received great feedback from this fun day out, definitely a family favourite!

Feedback from the children:

 “At first I didn’t want to play because it was new to me and the ball was heavy but I learnt and enjoyed it. It made me happy.”

“I really loved bowling.”

“When can we come again?”

“I liked it best when mummy tried to bowl for the first time but did not knock down the pins. That was very funny.”

“My favourite part of the day was being able to go out of the refuge with all my friends and go bowling.”

Feedback from mothers:

“It was my first time bowling which I enjoyed as it keeps my mind fresh.”

“Thank you for the day out, it was really needed and we had fun!”

Feedback from the refuge worker:

“The children were really happy, they learnt that we need to take turns and work together to make sure everyone is socially included.”

This was the first time most of the children have experienced bowling, and indeed some of the mothers.  KidsOut are thrilled that the children all enjoyed their Fun Day!


Monkey-ing around at Monkey Bizness!

During the summer, 59 children and 34 adults in the Sheffield area went to Monkey Bizness which was a great Fun Day out for the younger children. 16th-sept-2

“It looked like the kids really enjoyed themselves”  – a refuge mother

“The children love it when they get to go on a fun day out because it gets them out of the refuge for a couple of hours to enjoy their time with their siblings and mothers.”  – a refuge worker

“It was so much fun chasing my brother; my favourite part was the ball pit!” – a refuge child

Circus Starr Craze!16th-sept-4 16th-sept-3


Throughout the months of September and October we have been lucky enough to provide disadvantaged children with tickets to the Circus Starr in all different locations including Milton Keynes, Wolverhampton, Bradford, Doncaster, Leeds and many more!  Over 100 children visited the circus throughout the tour!

“We loved the circus!” – refuge mother

Toy Boxes

“The Toy Box helped me a lot – my daughter’s birthday is coming up and I didn’t have toy-box-hasbromoney to get her anything and this has changed it and made her happy”

“[The Toy Box] has helped in every way possible as it has many different things inside”

“The children learn to play with each other and the teddy helps [my daughter] sleep”

“It will help to develop my childs creativity and make him more entertained and to learn more.”

“[My son] will have toys to keep him occupied on rainy days, especially the lego which he loves!”

“[My son] loved his Toy Box, everything was educational.  He loves giving teddy cuddles!”

Other Feedback…

“My children and I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to go to Kidzania.  The kids had fun and you have no idea the amount of smiles you have put on our faces. This means a lot to me as a mum who has always wanted to take my kids to Kidzania for so long.  Thank you.” – a mother whose children went on a Fun Day to Kidzania

 “Our children enjoyed going to the cinema because it’s outside of the refuge setting, experiencing new things with their peers and without the limitations their family circumstances present.  It gave the children a sense of normality, having fun together, laughing and sharing their best moments” – refuge worker following a Fun Day to the cinema!