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To help you make the most of World Stories the teachers area is filled with story guides, lesson plans and audio recordings for use in the classroom and other learning environments. All of our resources are free and support primary, secondary and EAL learning. Once you are registered you can also make use of our Teachers’ search tool to find stories that best meet your teaching and curriculum needs.  

Please let us have your comments on World Stories as we are keen to make sure that this area has the best resources possible to help you support the children that you are working with. 

By registering as a teacher you will gain access to the following resources

Advice Articles

A selection of articles written by professional storyteller David Heathfield covering aspects of storytelling and offering advice.

Classroom Guides

Each story in the collection has its very own classroom guide outlining useful information such as the, key stage, year group, genre, subject focus, story length, reading time, activity ideas and key language features. Visit the link below to see the classroom guides.

EAL Guides

Each story is accompanied with an EAL teachers' guide outlining Level, Length, Lexis and Language features.

EAL Story Grammar Index

The breakdown of grammar in the entire World Stories collection is available to download, click the link below to find out more.

Lesson Plans

We have a range of lessons plans available for you to download. All lesson plans allow for an entire lesson to be delivered around a story from the collection.  20 new KS2 lesson plans have now been uploaded!

Key Stage 2 Lesson Plans

Key Stage 3 lesson Plans

SENsory Story

A helpful resource for using World Stories with children who have learning difficulties.  One of our stories has been adapted and there are lots of helpful tips on using the story to support children with Special Educational Needs.

Language Feature Index

Use this comprehensive guide to identify relevant stories for your planning and teaching.

Storytelling Guides

David Heathfield is an international storyteller, teacher trainer and writer. This section contains articles written by David which offer practical guidance and structured ideas for engaging your students.


Make use of our Teachers’ Search to find stories that best meet your teaching and curriculum needs.
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Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Read by Richard Briers

Download audio file

The Three Billy Goats Gruff read by Richard E Grant

Download audio file

The Ugly Duckling read by Colin Dexter

Download audio file

Pandora's Box read by Andrew Sachs

Download audio file

The Story of Li and Gao (in English)

Download audio file

The Story of Li and Gao (in Mandarin)

Download audio file