Spooktacular Party at Vantage Toyota!

On the 31st of October, 70 children and their carers experienced an enchanting Halloween Party at Vantage Toyota Fort Dunlop for the third year running. The event, once again, was an overall brilliant experience, thanks to the help of all the staff at Vantage Toyota and also to the KidsOut Birmingham Co-Chair, Sara Williams.2016-09-07-halloween

The children had an absolute blast, the party could not have been better. From the Halloween-themed decorations transforming the space, to the entertainment from Non Stop Kids Entertainment including party games, balloon modelling, to the friendly staff at hand to help and make the families feel safe.

One mother has said, “We were all dressed up for the party. It was fabulous to be invited and get out of the refuge for the evening. I have 4 children aged between 2 and 10 and we are living in a small 12ft by 12ft space in the refuge with little money. It was great to be able to watch the children having fun. It was an opportunity to feel normal for a change. Thank you so much.”

It was not only the families who had fun, but also the staff members. Paul from Vantage Toyota has said, “This year’s Halloween party was the most successful to date and we had lots of positive feedback from parents and carers. Vantage look forward to making it a fixed annual event”. Feedback from the children was positive and exciting – the children are keen to take part in another experience next Halloween.

Again, many thanks to everyone at Vantage Toyota for making this Halloween experience a fang-tastic one!