The Show Begins at Circus Starr

This new year, Circus Starr once again has held several shows across the country for their magical and magnificent winter tour.

Circus Starr are ‘The Circus with a Purpose’ – giving back much-needed wonder and magic to children facing all sorts of challenges in their young lives.

KidsOut received tickets from Circus Starr for the Brighton, Harrow and Glasgow shows. Over 69 children and adults went to see the shows across the country between the dates of 8th January – 11th January 2017. As expected, for the third time running, the children had an absolutely spectacular time watching the astounding acts. The theme for the winter tour is based on the enchanting tale of Aladdin. The show included hilarious clown acts, breath-taking magic and the amazing balancing acts performed by Las Chicas Morales.

The children had a wonderful time, as their comments afterwards show: “Oh my! That was so cool. I wish I could do all those tricks too. I loved it.” and “The circus made me so happy. I want to come again please.”

It was not only the children who had a great time at the Circus, but their mothers did too, with mothers saying: “Thank you so so much KidsOut. You have put a smile on the children’s faces, after a difficult time at home. For most of the children, they have never seen a circus before.” and “The tricks were amazing! I would love to come back again with my son.”

We would like to extend our thanks to Circus Starr for the donated tickets.