KidsOut is proud of how efficiently we operate as a charity. With this in mind, KidsOut also encourages recycling that can benefit the charity.


Recycle 4 Charity logoMillions of ink and toner cartridges are simply thrown away every year, ending up in landfill sites across the world. The plastics and metals they contain take thousands of years to decompose. Recycling obviously helps prevent this. Along with ink and toner cartridges, millions of mobile phones are also disregarded. Recycle for Charity supports KidsOut by providing a service which allows you to recycle old printer cartridges and mobile phones. For every cartridge or phone they receive KidsOut will receive a donation. Simply visit, request the packaging to send your items in and select KidsOut as your beneficiary.

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More information can be found on the Give a Car website, please visit to find out more.