Parents area

As parents you are your child's most influential teacher. You have an important part to play in developing your child's language and reading skills and we want to support you in that. We know that many parents home school their children and we have therefore also given you access to the resources that teachers can use if you register as a parent using the World Stories website.

Storytelling Guides

David Heathfield is an international storyteller, teacher trainer and writer. This section contains articles written by David which offer practical guidance and structured ideas for etelling stories to your children.

Advice Articles 

A selection of articles written by professional storyteller David Heathfield covering aspects of storytelling and offering advice. 

Classroom Guides 

Each story in the collection has its very own classroom guide outlining useful information such as the, key stage, year group, genre, subject focus, story length, reading time, activity ideas and key language features.

Lesson Plans

We have lots of lesson plans to use with the stories that you might want to use with your children.  Have a look and see if these would be helpful to you.

Key Stage 2 lesson plans

key Stage 3 lesson plans

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Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Read by Richard Briars

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The Three Billy Goats Gruff read by Richard E Grant

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The Ugly Duckling read by Colin Dexter

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