November Fun Day Roundup!

Wasps v Newcastle Falcons

Children were invited to experience VIP treatment at a Wasps vs Newcastle Falcons match in Coventry.  Guests were treated to drinks and a meal as part of the VIP treatment, and even got the opportunity to meet some Wasps players with autographs and photos! We hope the experience inspired some of the young children to take up the sport at home/school!

A KidsOut representative that hosted the VIP box told us:

The ‘box’ was superb with very helpful attentive staff, the children doing their best to increase the ‘soft drinks’ bar bill! Everyone got involved in being quite vocal and cheering on Wasps, although there were 2 adult Falcons supporters in our group. 

After the meal we had a visit from 2 Wasps players (not playing), who signed autographs and had photos taken with the children.  Additionally whilst watching the match outside on the balcony, another 2 Wasps players sitting quietly watching the match, until spotted by one of the children who politely asked for their autographs with photos, soon all 8 children took the opportunity too!

 Cake at half-time, a very high scoring match, excellent entertainment keeping the children ‘involved’ with the game.

All the children left to go home with a big smile on their faces, match ticket/pass on a Wasps lanyard, Match Day Programme, autographs and photos of the players, plus a Wasps Flag as a momento of their visit

A Fantastic Fun Day at the Lion King!

KidsOut invited 65 children and adults on a Fun Day to remember in November.  The families were treated to prime seats to see Lion King the Musical at the Lyceum Theatre in the West End! The children were so moved by the experience they took part in arts and crafts activities inspired by the musical back at the refuge! It really was a day everyone will remember!

A refuge worker told us:

The show was amazing and I could see children and mums snuggling together and enjoying the fantastic animations. There were performers from every angle dressed up as animals and birds, singing and dancing. The children clapped and cheered loudly at the end of every performance. Thank you KidsOut for this fantastic opportunity you gave to our children and mums. “Thank you so much, I really had great fun” one mum happily said to me. “I really, really liked it” said one little girl.”

lion-king-1 lion-king-2


We’ve sent lots and lots of children bowling at their local Ten Pin centre throughout November!  This Fun Day is always well received – it promotes not only exercise and sport but family bonding at such a difficult time for families!  We’ve had some fantastic feedback, read on to see how much the children all enjoyed it!

A refuge worker said:

This is very exciting opportunity to new families who haven’t had the chance to go bowling before. The mums and children were extremely excited and happy to go out of the refuge and try something new. The location is near to the refuge, which is great! ‘I am really happy to see my child trying something new’ one mum said. ‘I don’t have money to take my children to a great place like this. Look at him! He is having fun’. Another commented: “I am always thrilled to take the children and mums on a new trip with Kidsout! The outing provided opportunity for physical and social activity in the local community. Children practised sharing and turn taking and had fun with peers, siblings and Mothers.  It relieved the stress experienced by living all in one room without financial means to provide outings.

november-bowling-2 november-bowling-1


3,500 children have attended an Odeon Cinema during the last couple of months.  We’ve had such excellent feedback, read on to find out how much the children enjoy their cinema Fun Days!

A Children’s worker told us:

“The cinema vouchers provided were fantastic. A boy of 14 came to the school after being put into care and then fostered by a local family. He was having problems settling because of what he had been through, the trip to the cinema couldn’t have come at a better time and the family were absolutely buzzing from it!”

A refuge worker said:

 “Our children enjoyed going to the cinema because it’s outside of the refuge setting, experiencing new things with their peers and without the limitations their family circumstances present.  It gave the children a sense of normality, having fun together, laughing and sharing their best moments” – refuge worker following a Fun Day to the cinema.