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World Stories is the basis for an article in the Guardian newspaper.

David Heathfield, professional storyteller and contributor to the World Stories service writes about the importance of storytelling, his background in teaching and how he made the transition from being a full time English teacher to becoming a respected professional storyteller.

In the article David gives advice to teachers who are finding it hard to break into to the world of storytelling, discusses the obstacles that limit the amount of storytelling in class and gives advice on how teachers can become better storytellers. Fundamental to the article is David’s recommendation of the use of World Stories in the classroom. The full article can be read on The Guardian website here.

David was also recently interviewed at a literacy conference in Glasgow, here is a link the video in which David discusses World Stories, also giving an insight into the world of storytelling by performing a well know Chinese folk tale, Li and Gao.

There is huge interest in World Stories and the service is now reaching in excess of 64,000 children in the UK and overseas, 26% of whom have English as an additional language. World Stories is being updated continuously with new and fascinating tales. Please visit the World Stories website here to listen, read and enjoy stories online and, if you have young children, please make sure their school knows all about it.


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