On average over 25 thousand smiles across the UK on Wednesday!

KidsOut with the support of Rotary International took on average over 25 thousand children from across the UK on a huge Day Out at hundreds of fun themed attractions across the uk on Wednesday.

With the sun shining, children of all ages and their carers enjoyed a day at the zoo, theme park, fun fair and more for an awesome, fun packed day.

Drayton Manor hosted the largest group of children as the gates of the huge entertainment park opened to 3,000 children in the Midlands. See KidsOut on BBC Midlands Today at Drayton Manor Park here and read more here.

For some of the children it's the first time they've ever had a fun day out, as many come from a disadvantaged background. KidsOut reaches out to these children to give them happiness and the chance to be a child and play for a day.

Gordon Moulds, the Chief Executive of KidsOut said, "For 25 thousand children to go out on just one day in Britain is a major logistical challenge but it is a vital tool to ensure these children feel loved, appreciated and worthwhile. We have hundreds of young carers who are giving their childhood to support someone in their family, we have children who have fled their home because of domestic violence and we make sure that children who are ill or disabled because of an accident can take part and be a simple child again.”

KidsOut works closely with RIBI which provides volunteers and support for all the children on the various trips out. Nan McCreadie, President of RIBI said: "We are delighted that KidsOut, which was originally started by just three Rotarians 24 years ago, has turned into such a huge national event.”

A mum commenting on the day said: “Today my daughter and I attended the fun day in Aldershot, I would like to thank you and everyone involved for a fabulous day! My daughter had an amazing time and I am sure all the other children and adults did too. All the helpers and rotary club members did a wonderful job. So a big thank you from a very happy (but tired) six year old and her mummy!”

Take part in our annual Day Out picture competition here, the best pictures will be featured on the KidsOut website and the winner will receive £200 towards one of their school projects!

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