Children dance with Foxes

“The entire day has been amazing," said Henry, aged nine. "Nothing could have been better!”

On the 16th of April 12 children danced at Wembley during the half-time show of the Saracens versus Harlequins game. Rehearsing in a dance workshop and practicing independently at home, the children performed their routine as Grammy Award winning artist Foxes sang on stage.

A total of 37 children and 31 carers attended the match, including families living in refuge and siblings separated by the care system. The event was part of KidsOut’s Fun Days service and was the second consecutive year that KidsOut children have danced at the Saracens half-time show.

KidsOut would like to thank Saracens for their support and all of the children who took part.

Navigant makes over a London refuge’s playroom

Navigant volunteers renovated the children’s playroom of a Hestia refuge in East London.

“The sun came out” for children in Tyne and Wear

On the 30th of March, eight children and their parents attended a performance of Annie.

Children bowled over by Wicketz

A group of children met for the first time this week to learn about cricket through the charity Wicketz.

The Gruffalo's Child

On the 2nd of April, five children and their mothers went to see The Gruffalo’s Child at the Cambridge Arts Theatre.

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