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Mike-on-a-Bike for KidsOut

Good Friday dawned, but “good” wasn’t the word that would be used to describe the weather!  As Mike Fitsell from Osbourne Morris & Morgan solicitors, a KidsOut supporting company, set off to the start of the “Road Room Tring in Spring" bike ride it was raining hard.

By the time Mike arrived at the start line the rain had lightened to a steady drizzle, but conditions were still bad.  After a short briefing on the route, which included a warning from the event organisers that the course was “hilly and challenging”, the competitors set off at 7:20 am!  Having ridden through the first flood of the day the hills began and they certainly hadn’t lied about the challenge!  Hill after hill after hill – with a few more hills thrown in between these for variety – made for very hard going indeed.  The rain did stop eventually, but the area was covered in thick grey mist so it remained damp throughout the day.  As Mike said, “without the normal panoramic views of the Chilterns, it was simply a case of putting your head down and keeping the legs turning”.  Judging by the picture Mike managed to do rather more than that.  5 hours 29 minutes and 44 seconds after setting out, Mike completed the 104.6 kilometres (65 mile) course.  Mike’s stamina and determination were extremely impressive and there is no doubt that the hot soup (and cold beer!) was very welcome when he finally crossed the finish line.  As impressive was the £253.25 Mike raised for KidsOut, exceeding his personal target by more than £100.  

After finishing his well-earned soup Mike commented, “It was the thought of this money and the aid it will potentially bring to the disadvantaged children which kept me going. Yes, it was tough but my thinking was - what is a few hours suffering in the rain compared to what these children go through?”  On behalf of the children that KidsOut supports, we thank you for an incredible effort: simply amazing!

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