New Beginning for WorldStories

Our new WorldStories website has just launched, bringing new stories, graphics and audios for children to enjoy. We continue to run a free resource site containing stories from all around the world to help children to get a better understanding of languages and other cultures. The launch of the new website was not possible without the help of our devoted volunteers that translated and wrote our stories in multiple languages.  Here are a few special mentions:world-stories-1

 Joy is an exchange student studying History at the University of Leicester.  Joy translates and writes stories in order to give children a better understanding of Chinese culture and language. She is thinking about a future career in translation. She believes that KidsOut is not only about fun stories, but also helped her improving her translations skills in order to be ready for her future career.

Mary Smith is a local volunteer, avid poetry and fiction reader and also a retired French teacher. Seeing an advertisement for story writers required for their ventures of WorldStories, Mary applied and has been an enthusiastic volunteer ever since as a writer, translator and a storyteller for the audio books. Not just that, in her spare time, Mary also cross stitches greetings cards, raising money for the church that she and her husband attend.

Additionally, we have Pooja, a voice artist that kindly helps us. She opens her home recording studio for a few of our volunteers to be able to record stories on a regular basis.  Thanks to her, we can continue to bring audio books to the children that are happily enjoying them.

KidsOut would like to say thank you to all of you that have assisted us in our missions as the fun and happiness charity. Please visit to sign up!