Magical Fun at Disney Aladdin!

On the 6th of June, families from refuges within the London area went to visit the magical Disney’s Aladdin at The Prince Edward Theatre. A total of 16 children and 7 adults attended the fun filled experience, which put big grins on their faces!

Two children commented:

“I loved it so much! It was magical and so exciting!”


“can we come back again? That was the best thing I have ever seen. I have never been to the theatre before – wow!”

A mother also commented:

“We had an amazing time. The kids absolutely loved it! They could not believe how brilliant the production was. My children have told all their friends – thank you for this opportunity KidsOut.”

KidsOut are happy with the feedback from the day at the theatre and are ecstatic that the children enjoyed the experience!

aladdin-1 aladdin-2