KidsOut Cools off this summer with Planet Ice!


For the summer months of May and June, 44 children and 32 adults from refuges and charities nationally visited their local Planet Ice skating rink.

The children and their families put their ice skates on for a fun-filled session. Feedback was extremely positive and the families truly enjoyed their experience.

A refuge worker from the Birmingham area said:

“It gave them a target to work towards. They were determined and had self-confidence. Some of our children befriended children outside our centre”.

Most of the children KidsOut support lack in self-esteem, due to the difficult circumstances they have faced. Through our Fun Days programme, the children are encouraged to try out new challenges to build their confidence.

Here’s what some of the children had to say about their experience:

“Me and the other children were asking if we can come ice skating again. We have never been before”

“If I come here more, I will able to be good like the other skaters!”

KidsOut are delighted that the children and their families had a blast!  Check out some of the photos from the day here:

planet-ice-1 planet-ice-2