Happy Healthy Living Week!


The Walnuts School for autistic children hosted a Healthy Living Week in June for their students. We provided a badminton coach and a fitness instructor to attend and get the students active during the summer week. 40 students enjoyed getting involved with their class and teachers just for an hour. Some students liked to dance to the music the fitness instructor was playing, which motivated them to become more active.

Two children commented:

“I enjoyed badminton because it made me happy seeing me and classmates get good scores”. Andrew aged 14.

“I liked it when the badminton coaches came to the Walnuts. I learnt how to master the sport using the racket and the shuttlecock with the feathers”. Charlie aged 13.

One instructor commented:

“Engaging in exercise and sports helps children badminton-1with autism to keep fit and well, it can also increase self-esteem, confidence, learn new skills, develop social skills (make friendships), improve mental health and wellbeing and improves sleep patterns.”

KidsOut loved getting involved with this project and hope to continue projects like this one!