Festive Fun with KidsOut!

It’s been Christmas mania here at KidsOut for the past month! We’ve had lots of Christmas parties all over the country, with the incredible help of our supporters!  Read a summary of all our Christmas parties and festive activities here!

Monkey Bizz!

Children in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire area were treated to a Christmas party at the beginning of the month.  The soft play centre is always a particular favourite for children in this area!

KidZania Exclusive

KidsOut invited 336 children to attend the fantastic KidZania Exclusive event earlier in the month!  Children enjoyed pretending to work as adults, and refuge workers told us the stress free scenario was perfect for their families.

A mother in refuge told us: Our kids are really lucky to visit KidZania. I won’t be able to pay for the tickets myself and here it is given to us for free”.

Another mother said: “My children and I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to go to Kidzania.  The kids had fun and you have no idea the amount of smiles you have put on our faces. This means a lot to me as a mum who has always wanted to take my kids to Kidzania for so long.  Thank you.”

Drayton Manor

With huge thanks to Drayton Manor Theme Park, Tamworth, KidsOut were delighted to welcome 1,604 children to the park at the beginning of the month, to inject some festive cheer!  KidsOut are extremely grateful to Drayton Manor for hosting these children, the families all had an absolutely fantastic day, and the feedback has been incredible! Read below to see just some of the fantastic feedback we’ve had from refuge workers, mothers, and children!drayton-xmas-party

A refuge worker told us: “5 out of the 6 had never been to a theme park before so they were extremely excited and really enjoyed themselves. One boy in particular was a bit nervous to begin with but really came out of his shell after having the opportunity to scream and enjoy the rides with his friends who were encouraging and helping him to overcome his fears.  They also really enjoyed the ice skating as none of them had done this before. Overall they had the most amazing day! Thank you so much! It was great to see them having so much fun.

A Mother from refuge told us: “It was great not having to say no. It was great that they could go on anything that they wanted to because cost was not a factor.”

Gordons LLP Christmas Party

gordons-llp-xmas-partyKidsOut’s fantastic supporters, Gordons LLP in Leeds organised a fantastic Christmas party attended by 30 children!

One children’s worker was delighted with the staff at Gordons for the time, creativity and goodwill that Gordons put into organising the day.  “A family said that due to a very difficult year that they had stopped having fun together and the party gave them a chance to have a lovely time together, the children loved the face paints, balloon models and craft activities.  Another family said the children had struggled due to grandmother dying at Christmas and they were able to change their view about this time of year.”

“Thank you so much.”

Gordons LLP told us: “the party on Saturday was a great success. About 30 children attended with their mums and a couple of dads. The youngest was 8 days old.  The tables were full of arts and crafts which staff had generously donated and we had loads of great toys as well – the most popular for the children was organising the trainees from Gordons in a Twister challenge! After a hot lunch, Father Christmas arrived and handed out selection boxes to all the children and presents for the adults.  As a going home present we let the children take as many of the arts and crafts stuff as they could carry.”


Hasbro Christmas Partyhasbro-xmas-party

Longstanding supporters, Hasbro, also hosted a fantastic Christmas party at the Heathrow Thistle Hotel.  Including a visit from Santa, a disco, party food and games, and help from lots of elves, the party was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone that attended! A refuge worker told us “Hasbro hosted an amazing party, the children’s faces where an absolute picture of happiness and joy. Christmas is a challenging time for many of the families and they really enjoyed the experience.”


Grove Theatre Christmas Party

100 children and 50 adults attended a Christmas party held at the Grove Theatre in Dunstable. Captain Fantastic made an appearance, and the evening also featured a buffet and a visit from Santa with a present for every child.   A mother sent us lovely feedback afterwards too: “thank you so much for organising such a lovely party at The Grove Theatre this evening. The kids had a great time and we really appreciate everything you do to help us, and others in similar difficult situations”

Peter Pan Pantomime Newcastle

This month around 100 children and adults are invited to attend the Peter Pan Pantomime at the Theatre Royal, Newcastle! The children have had a fantastic time, with children all aspects of the Panto, which ranges from dancing with fire, a big scary crocodile, pirates and the all singing, all dancing production!

A mother has also told us: “We had a lovely night. It was so nice to do something we all enjoyed. We never stopped laughing all night. It’s lovely that even at a time like this, we can still make such lovely memories”

In addition to Peter Pan in Newcastle, families have also experienced Fun Days at Aladdin in Aldershot and Dick Whittington in Harpenden.

Final few Festive Parties!

After all that lovely load of Festive Fun, we’ve got a few more Christmas parties still to happen before the Big Day!  Including a VIP Christmas Cinema experience (over 60 children in Glasgow will be seeing Paddington 2 – huge thanks to Pam from the Glasgow Committee!), a party at Green Board Games, and last but most certainly not least, almost 2000 children will go to see the World’s Biggest Panto – Peter Pan! At Birmingham and Wembley Arenas between now and the New Year.

Toy Boxes

Our Toy ~Box service has continued throughout December, and we’re constantly getting more and more fantastic feedback!

“The Toy Box helped me a lot – my daughter’s birthday is coming up and I didn’t have money to get her anything and this has changed it and made her happy”

“The children learn to play with each other and the teddy helps my daughter sleep”

“It will help to develop my child’s creativity and make him more entertained and to learn more.”

“My son will have toys to keep him occupied on rainy days, especially the Lego which he loves!”

“My son loved his Toy Box, everything was educational.  He loves giving teddy cuddles!”

Merry Christmas to all!

Finally, we’d like to wish all our supporters a Merry Christmas and a Fantastic New Year! We can’t thank everyone enough for the outstanding help and support this year, and we wish you all a prosperous 2018!