Dreams Come True in Neverland!

The World’s BIGGEST Panto paired up with KidsOut this Christmas for an exciting partnership that lead to almost 2,000 children attending the larger than life pantomime!

This year, the World’s Biggest Panto production company partnered KidsOut, offering not only donations to the charity through sales of their corporate VIP packages, but also donating tickets to disadvantaged children to see the arena pantomime in Birmingham and London.

The performance, which featured Bradley Walsh and Martin Kemp, took audiences on apeter-pan-1 journey through Neverland, and featured fairies on roller skates, dancing pirates, a gigantic moving galleon ship and a 12ft long moving crocodile!  The huge scale production was a truly engaging, funny and sincere rendition of the famous children’s story, and made for a very special Fun Day for many of the children supported by KidsOut, which will certainly become a very happy memory to look back on.

A refuge worker told KidsOut:

“The family have told me that they loved the show, it was great fun and very interactive and entertaining. They said it was a treat they would never have been able to afford. The children loved it and it doubled up as a birthday treat for their daughter. It gave them something really special to do over the holidays. They were extremely grateful”.

A mother living in refuge also told the charity:

“Thank you very much for the tickets and for giving us the opportunity to see the fabulous Peter Pan Panto. My son and I enjoyed the show very much because we haven’t seen that kind of show before so everything was very exciting for us. He liked the bicycle stunt, the lighting and waterfalls. We enjoyed the singing, tap dance and acting. I am really happy because my son was so happy, and still speaks about the show still now sometimes. Many, many thanks to KidsOut for his happy smile, which I haven’t seen for a long time, and really missed.”

KidsOut would like to extend their sincere thanks to John Conway, and the World’s Biggest Panto production company for this special partnership.  Without John this would not have been possible, and the charity are extremely grateful to him and his generous support, which brought a smile to the faces of almost 2,000 children and brighten their Christmas a little.

peter-pan-2 peter-pan-3