Single donation

KidsOut receives no funding from the government and rely on donations from the general public and other organisations. A donation to KidsOut could mean that a child from a disadvantaged background receives a place on a Day Out or a child that has been affected by domestic violence receives a Toy Box in their new home.

All of KidsOut’s online donations are managed by MyDonate. MyDonate is a relatively new service from BT which attracts no commission, monthly fee’s or transaction charges. This results in KidsOut receiving 100% of your donation, which is on average 5% more than KidsOut would receive by using another online donation provider.

Giving a single donation to KidsOut is simple, please visit the KidsOut MyDonate page to donate funds to KidsOut. These funds will help disadvantaged children throughout the UK.

Please also ‘Gift Aid’ your donation as this will add another 20% to your donation without costing you a penny! More information can be found on Gift Aid under the ‘Gift Aid Explained’ tab in the left hand column.

Donations can also be made through the post. Please refer to the ‘Donating by Post’ tab in the left hand column.