Charity of the Year


Can you benefit thousands of children by nominating KidsOut as your ‘Charity of the Year’?

KidsOut gives disadvantaged children and young people fun, positive experiences that contribute to their development, well-being and outlook for a happier future. Every year, KidsOut helps over 35,000 children, who may have escaped domestic violence, have a life-limiting illness, have special educational needs or have become young carers.

The Benefits of a Partnership with KidsOut

  • Improved customer loyalty and employee engagement by aligning your brand to the values of KidsOut and its innovative and life-changing work.
  • Differentiation, by being associated with a children’s charity, which is unique in being dedicated to bringing fun and happiness to disadvantaged children and young people.
  • Low risk, as we are apolitical, uncontroversial and our vision is universally supported by the UK public.
  • Optimism, as we have a friendly, happy tone of voice and our message is unrelentingly positive. Unlike many charities we do not focus on the negative to sell our cause. We believe in concentrating on the positive benefits that we bring the kids, making our supporters feel good about supporting the charity. Our look is bright, colourful and accessible.

How your Company can support KidsOut

These are some ways your company can help KidsOut reach more disadvantaged children across the UK.

  • Title Sponsorship of the Charity. Where your company’s core brand reflects the values of KidsOut and your name is associated across the entire range of our activities.
  • Support of the Annual Day Out. There are many more Rotary Clubs and children who we’d like to involve in the Day Out and there are great opportunities to support the event on a regional or national basis.
  • Support for the Toy Box scheme. This is a highly emotive project which is easy to understand. Each box costs £100, so it is easy to relate your support to results. We want to expand the scheme to all 400 Women’s Aid Refuges and are particularly looking for funds to support and develop this service.
  • Support for Phyzzpod. A hugely innovative project at the cutting edge of learning, which is endorsed by Ofsted. Every year, hundreds of children, their parents and teachers, will witness the positive effect of Phyzzpod in action. Each unit can be sponsored and branded with your company logos showing your support for the children KidsOut work with.
  • Supporting our Corporate Networking Events. The KidsOut Question of Sport and the annual Toy Box Ball events bring thousands of well-networked business people together for a great night out, superb entertainment and raise funds for the charity. There are numerous opportunities, from buying tables for your customers and prospects or to reward employees and promote your brand.

If you feel that you can nominate KidsOut as your companies Charity of the Year, you can get in contact with KidsOut and we will provide you with the relevant information and guidance on nominating us as your Charity of the Year.