BBC Outreach and KidsOut confidence boost!

In partnership with BBC Outreach and Volunteering, KidsOut invited children and young people from Women’s Refuges in Scotland to get involved and contribute to World Stories whilst spending a day with the BBC staff in various fun activities. This took place at the Glasgow BBC Centre on Monday 24th September, where 15 children, from ages 11 – 16 took part in a creative workshop.

The workshop was specially designed with sensitivity to the young people’s needs at the core. All the children are supported by Women’s Refuges which have benefited from the Toy Box Service and were accompanied by their refuge worker. Confidence boosting exercises featured throughout the morning with lots of icebreakers, storytelling and even some funny dancing!

After a delicious lunch it was the groups turn to shine. The children recorded World Stories in small groups with the patience and support of the sound recordist ,which included ‘The Dream’ (A Bengali story), ‘The Wind and the Sun’ (An Akan story) and Li and Gao (A Chinese story). All stories were specially selected to suit the group and hold positive messages and lessons of cultural awareness.

The children had an excellent time and said:

“That was awesome”

 “I felt like a DJ”

“I’m going to keep going on to world stories to hear more stuff and then I’ll hear me!”

“I think when I grow up I’d like to read the news, do they get paid loads of money?”

 Feedback from the Refuge Workers was that:

“It was a fun day, with no pressure which provided them with a unique opportunity”

“As a worker I felt the children were encouraged and made to feel accepted and important. They also enjoyed the lunch – especially the chocolate biscuits”

After recording there was a tour around the TV studios and the children got to meet Nina from the CBeebies TV programme ‘Nina and the Neurons’.

KidsOut is pleased to say it provided an experience that made children feel proud, building their self-esteem and encouraged them to feel confident in their abilities.

We are hoping to extend these workshops, in partnership with the BBC and are in discussion to repeat similar days next year.